Who Are We?

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15 September, 2017

Our Church is affiliated with Churches of Christ in Australia and is part of a world-wide movement of churches meeting under the name of Church of Christ/Christian Church/Disciples of Christ. There are 450 congregations in Australia.

The Magill Church of Christ commenced in 1952 - originally known as the Koongarra Park Church of Christ.

As Churches of Christ, we believe Jesus Christ is the son of the living God who offers saving grace to all.

Our 'community of faith' is an inclusive fellowship. We cooperate with other Christians in worship, witness and service. We promote the unity of all God's people. We are committed to the goal of unity among all Christians [John 17:21].

We practise 'open communion' every Sunday inviting all who believe in Jesus Christ to share in the Lord's Supper.

We affirm the 'ministry of all believers', so you will find members of the Church leading our worship. We practice 'congregational autonomy', making our decisions as a congregation about our life and witness, our ministries and our mission.

Following the pattern of the early Church, we practise believer's baptism by immersion as an expression of a person's conversion and commitment to Jesus Christ. We also welcome into the fellowship and life of the Church those who have held membership with other denominations of the Christian Church.

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Our Vision

The history of how the Church of Christ was established in the area of Koongara Park now known as Magill, South Australia, is a story of a dream - a dream of several steadfast and dedicated people who saw a vision become a reality. It was a story of planning and finance and the work of hundreds of people. It was done with one aim in mind, that others would learn of the love of God1 and be enriched through their connection with God, our community and our world.

Today's world is vastly different to the year 1946 when that vision emerged. Today we are blessed with a richness of opportunities that beckon us from every direction, opportunities that can encourage or destroy, give purpose or bring despair.

Today is our time and place to establish a new dream - a dream that will ensure that the generations of the future are enriched by their connection with the God we know, supported by their connections with those who know and share the hopes and dreams of that God, and who care for the world that our God has created for us all to enjoy - a place where people's lives are enriched through experiencing the love of God and his people, through a strong sense of 'Connection'

Connecting with each other…

As the body of Christ we belong together. In gathering together our lives are shaped and nurtured in a safe and caring community. We value and respect one another and are enriched by our diversity of age, culture and interests. We enjoy being community and celebrating life’s significant moments together.

Connecting with God…

We are children of God, completed and fulfilled by our relationship with him. We value opportunities to worship him collectively and individually, in awe and reverence, to be inspired by his mystery and wonder. We value our freedom to approach worship in different ways. As people of God we should reflect who God is through how we live, and help people experience God’s love and know who he is.

Connecting with our world…

We are part of God’s world, and therefore share responsibility for it’s well-being. We care for our neighbour, for all peoples, and for the physical environment. We strive for unity, reconciliation and justice, both locally and globally, and offer a voice of hope and purpose in a challenging and rapidly changing world.